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Middle East region is hugely popular among expatriates as a career destination as people from all nationalities and religions come together to earn attractive salaries in return for their expert services. Jobs in Middle East are the most sought after in the world as not only are the foreign professionals paid well but are also treated with great respect. There are many rapidly progressing countries in the region like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, etc. that have now become career hubs for millions. However, these centers are now speedily getting crowded with imported manpower leading to growing preference for other lesser known places like Lagos, Safat, Kurdistan and Sohar among others. This article discusses the availability of jobs in Kurdistan in various sectors and the advantage of migrating to not-so-famous cities. Kurdistan, meaning ‘Land of the Kurds’, may refer to parts of northern Iraq, eastern Turkey, northern Syria and northwestern Iran. The capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, bordered by Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq is Abril. The economy of the region is dependent on its oil reserves and other sectors like that of tourism and agriculture.


Not only is it the most developed and a relatively peaceful region in Iraq, it is also on its way to becoming an investment destination. Moreover, the government is making plans to introduce new policies like that of unified foreign investment to boost its economic growth. With a media city and free trade zones in making, the numbers of jobs in Kurdistan are increasing. With barely 20 years of its de facto independence, Kurdistan is steadily moving towards building its economy hitherto dominated by oil exports. With millions dreaming of Middle East jobs and with an emerging class of well trained local manpower coming up, the competition in the region has just got tougher. Gone are the days when professionals could easily grab jobs in Gulf cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi if they had the desired skill set. Today, the job market has become highly competitive with expats from across the world ready to work and settle in the city. As a result, migrants are looking for newer options where they can lead a relaxing life and get to make good money in return for their services. Since most of the countries in Middle East are already popular expat centers, there is a need to explore emerging business centers. The cities of Kurdistan, Fujairah, Oran, Medina and various others come across as befitting options in this scenario. Whenever relocating to any new city in the world, it is extremely important to undertake a search and know the place. This holds high significance especially in the Middle Eastern countries as their culture and lifestyle is different from rest of the world.


Let us take a quick look at the major cities, the currency and the climate of Kurdistan. -Iraqi Kurdistan is divided into 7 governorates and cities like Arbil, Halabja, Semel, Ranya, Duhok, etc. are important to the region. -The official currency of Kurdistan is Iraqi Dinar and the language is Kurdish while Arabic is also spoken widely. -It has a continental climate i.e. hot in summers and cold in winters, however, the region is mountainous and fertile. -The dominating religion like in all other Middle Eastern countries is Islam but it is a religiously diverse city with Kurds, Turks and Christians also in minority. The oil and gas jobs in Kurdistan are easily available for engineers, technicians and other related professionals. But, tourism sector is also emerging as the career choice for expats while agriculture remains a profession for locals. Kurdistan jobs pay quite well as common to other cities in the region.

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Job Opportunities in Kurdistan

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This article was published on 2010/10/16